Hiking in Himalaya mountains

I’ll be a little here and there with this post, but let’s start by getting straight to one truth…

There’s always that one person, at least, who does not and will never know or appreciate your worth. It’s not always their fault; they just don’t see it. You do not just strike them as the ideal person, and it’s alright.

You need not spend a good part of your life trying to feel good about how another person feels about you. You just need to do your bit, live and let live.

In life, there’s always that mile you need to run, that new bridge you must climb. You would have to or be prepared to remain where you are or worse still, reverse gradually into oblivion and self defeat. There’s no avoiding it; life is a journey of hurdles, it is an adventure you don’t want to fold your hands through. One step at a time, and you’re progressing. Soon enough it’d seem like a quantum leap, but the little steps got you there.

And so you ask… “when is ‘soon enough’?” “when will ‘soon’ be?”.

Soon is different for everyone. Soon for you isn’t the same for me. I’m on my path and you on yours. Sometimes we’ll meet, even collide… but move on independently we must, to design our individual missions and experiences.

About experiences… I am reminded they color our minds, our orientations, our philosophies. Some of them are acquired, some created, and others received as gifts. Some experiences help us define what further experiences we’re willing to have, and so we create new ones decidedly, based on the backgrounds or foundations of those we earlier acquired. There are experiences we are born into; default interactions and lifestyles we landed upon as we arrived the world. Overtime, we learn them, we trade in our innocence and ‘void’ for these ways of living; we acquire them from all around us.

Upon these backgrounds we begin to shape our own experiences, because now we have perspective, we have a world view. The gift experiences come to us as those we encounter during the course of interactions. They are the deliberate attempts by life to invite us into something new. To inject into our individual world new events that shake our minds and breed curiosity in us. We want to know more. We want a little of what we haven’t had, so we accept these gifts of new experiences.

Think of every invitation, every offer, every new interaction, new knowledge, temptation, desire, and so on in this regard. And you will see that we are eventually a sum of our experiences. Whatever new experience you allow your mind explore is a new pathway unlocked; it leads somewhere, creates a new curiosity, and ultimately a definition at the end that contributes to the sum of who you are.

Let’s do a quick exercise here… briefly, think of your life in pictures. Tag each with a caption. I’m doing the same and deciding which of the captions I like and what kind of experiences I’d like to recreate. But of course, there are the “happenstance” scenarios, where none of what you got was expected. It seemed everything on the outside played a trick on you, to deliver something you did not consider. You have little or no control of that moment… something more powerful is at work, and we often say things like “well, that’s life”.

Our experiences contribute largely to the summary of our lives. The experiences we create, allow and remember shape us. However, there are moments even for those who have learnt to take control of their spaces, where life gives us gifts of new unexpected experiences. Sometimes they’re positive, sometimes, negative. Experiences are important. We receive invitations to new ones everyday when we interact with information, ideas, machines and people. We also extend such invitations to others when we require them to make decisions for whatever purposes. For example to buy a product, to employ us, to work with us, to go out with us, to meet with us, to talk, be friends, take a walk, and many things we extend invitations to others for.

My point is this- experience

Fill your life and thoughts with experiences that matter daily, and contribute beautiful ones to the lives of those around you too. Do not extend invitations to others to experience what you know isn’t desirable and wouldn’t wish for yourself.

(c) LadySmoul


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