God’s Masterpiece


He made me and knew he had created His best. Designed us and then He had to rest. He’d put everything in place, made all the elements align to make your creation possible, put all His inside forces together, then made His greatest… You and I!


I imagine that satan had fallen and boasted before his maker that he was the greatest creation and was ready to get his dues. Lol… Then, God decided to make a statement!  He made awesomeness and named it ‘man’. (creature with the Most Adorable Nature) A being just like Him; with creative abilities lucifer couldn’t even fantasize about.


Then the war began.  Envy was born that day,  the day M.A.N was made…  Because lucifer couldnt take it. He could endure only until Adam started exercising his creativity; naming the world and taking territories. lucifer had to find a way.  Then he deviced a plan; got into that amazing mind and corrupted it with insecurity and fear.  Then fear gave birth to shame,  and the almighty creative force that had a mind like God’s, was brainwashed into thinking himself less powerful and influencial than he originally was made. He had auditioned for satan’s well scripted play and passed. Not so far from what he is doing today. Same strategy; make them loose sight of who they are, and use their strengths to his advantage, with the illusion he’s giving them something and doing them a favour.


Note, beloved. You were made awesome!  That’s your default state. Anything that tells you less is washing your brain, taking what is yours (your beautiful mind),  using it to its benefit and getting all the applause. Stop giving the enemy glory.  Be yourself and put the enemy to shame!


Be awesome! That’s who you are.


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