Recreating Your Reality


Choose to see your world differently.

Everyone has a reality. What I see, feel, process in my thoughts day, night and with every face featuring in my world… these come together to form my overall experience of life; my perception, my story; my reality. In your life, how do you see?


Sometimes when I look around I see each person as a world, carrying its own identity and influencing others’ around it. Each world is also filled with the actions and effects of different moves made by others connected to it. Your life is shaped by the actions of others before you, and you will design a path others after you will be influenced by. What kind of experiences are you designing for yourself and others around you?


Everyone has a reality, and I know you know yours. I know mine too, and there have been different sides, parts and shades to it. It’s sometimes blue, really bright sky blue, and sometimes bright sky blue turns moon blue. And yes, sometimes it’s in-between; just bland… nothing exciting and everything is tasteless, but life doesn’t stop happening. Yes, there’s always something happening. That it isn’t raining yet doesn’t mean the clouds aren’t gathering. What is your reality?


Oh… I know. Sometimes life deals you a blow with both fists (well, don’t know if they’re more than two) and wouldn’t lift its heavy hands off you. And then you’re forced to slip from under into a deep ocean of regrets… and… life goes on. No one is waiting. You then have to pick yourself and recover or you get forgotten. Yeah… that’s life. You’re not even allowed to wallow in your pain, to be ‘heard and understood’; to be pitied. Life gets sneaky. It will go behind you and whisper about how weak you are, how you cannot deal with a simple failure, pain, hurt, regret; how everything is your fault. And it will suggest these thoughts to you even through random passers-by.


So, you may decide to keep giving it the power to predict your outcomes…


or you can make an effort every minute, everyday, to push back and fight for your place. Remember, you’re not doing this for you alone… Many other lives depend on yours, so, it’s never just about you, but take it personal… you’re the last link required to keep your world revolving.


And yes, our realities are worlds apart, even twins experience life differently. But these few things I’m sure of… there’s this thing called ‘Air’. We breathe it and so do plants and animals. There’s something called ‘Water’ too.. our bodies absorb it and blood flows because of it. And there is another called ‘Love’… It functions just like Water and Air, keeping body and soul, and all the world’s elements together. Though our realities differ, our identities share this one thing, ‘cos everything living depends on it. Without it a being is a moving corpse; cold, hard and lost between worlds, having no place to call home.

Do you need to recreate your reality? Start with a loving heart.



5 thoughts on “Recreating Your Reality

  1. “,You’re the last link to keep your world revolving” #Deep. Quite a philosophic write up, the kind you come up with after spending 7days on “The Mountain”…Lol. I particularly love the build up. Thanks for sharing.


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