Whirl wind in transit

A quiet force,
a silent storm
Meek, not weak
The evening breeze.
Wild fire smouldering
Whirlwind in transit
I’m the whispering sea
The beckoning beach.

Tidal waves clasping the air;
Surfer’s light blown by delight
Flicks of flare, then the fury of fear
Passions flee and eyes take flight…
Yet I’m the evening breeze,
The beckoning beach,
The whispering sea,
Whirlwind in transit.

Feeble and frail, they said
Fiery and fierce, I saw
I’m all in one, to each his own…
I am to you, what you require.
But I am who I say I am.

(C) TejuMade


3 thoughts on “Whirl wind in transit

  1. A quiet force and a silent storm.
    Feeble and frail they said but fiery and fierce you saw.
    I am to you what you require but I am who I say I am… Well captured. Everything truly answer to the name we call them.

    Nice piece. #Thumbsup

    Liked by 1 person

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