When happiness fails

Nothing guarantees you'll be happy. Not even the decision to be. But there's something called joy, and it's not such a mystery how they intertwine, yet can be independent of each other. One of the most valuable secrets you may unlock, is the gift of joy, even when happiness fails. I hope you do find … Continue reading When happiness fails


I got distracted.

It was a form. A simple sign up form, which required answering some interesting questions. I was at number 8 when the picture hit me as I began to write about my most memorable Lagos experience. It was the first time I remembered in picturesque details how exactly that day went, and I couldn't help … Continue reading I got distracted.


  Do it afraid. No, not with shame. Shame and fear? No, not the same. Insane or lame; Care not for blames, Go, try, and try some more. For day after day, Sweat drops will give way And life will pave its path For the shamelessly fearful Who though trembling Take thoughtful steps, and go … Continue reading Do it AFRAID

Let the Sun remind you 

I sat in a chair, head down, eyes shut; motionless. I was at my rope's end. Unable to think a thought, to cry or be sad. Unable to feel a thing, to smile or to laugh. Had felt all the emotions I know. Been happy, sad, anxious, angry... But this moment was different. I just … Continue reading Let the Sun remind you 

A Moment In Time

Clung to the black iron railings were a set of thickly layered wrinkles, old ragged pair of hands. Behind it was a dull set of eyes, frail looking head of hair, and a stature screaming age. Wondering how a gate mounted to bar unapproved entry should be manned by such a tired looking figure, I … Continue reading A Moment In Time

Recreating Your Reality

Choose to see your world differently. Everyone has a reality. What I see, feel, process in my thoughts day, night and with every face featuring in my world... these come together to form my overall experience of life; my perception, my story; my reality. In your life, how do you see? Sometimes when I look … Continue reading Recreating Your Reality

God’s Masterpiece

He made me and knew he had created His best. Designed us and then He had to rest. He'd put everything in place, made all the elements align to make your creation possible, put all His inside forces together, then made His greatest... You and I! I imagine that satan had fallen and boasted before his maker that … Continue reading God’s Masterpiece


I'll be a little here and there with this post, but let's start by getting straight to one truth... There's always that one person, at least, who does not and will never know or appreciate your worth. It's not always their fault; they just don't see it. You do not just strike them as the ideal person, … Continue reading Musings

Harmattan, fires and passions

The season is approaching, I see bells jiggling... Shola ‘Debo. A masters undergraduate, just about done with first degree studies in petroleum engineering, and studying hard to emerge top of his clan, has had a long day studying this particular topic and doesn’t seem to be getting a head way.  Shola picks his smart phone, takes a … Continue reading Harmattan, fires and passions