Recreating Your Reality

Choose to see your world differently. Everyone has a reality. What I see, feel, process in my thoughts day, night and with every face featuring in my world... these come together to form my overall experience of life; my perception, my story; my reality. In your life, how do you see? Sometimes when I look … Continue reading Recreating Your Reality


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God’s Masterpiece

He made me and knew he had created His best. Designed us and then He had to rest. He'd put everything in place, made all the elements align to make your creation possible, put all His inside forces together, then made His greatest... You and I! I imagine that satan had fallen and boasted before his maker that … Continue reading God’s Masterpiece


I'll be a little here and there with this post, but let's start by getting straight to one truth... There's always that one person, at least, who does not and will never know or appreciate your worth. It's not always their fault; they just don't see it. You do not just strike them as the ideal person, … Continue reading Musings

Love Is Life   Give some light when the path is dark Lend a hand when the work is hard Love is life, full of spice Beautiful Like a drop of honey and milk In an old grandma's cup of tea Little Kindness cures an old man's lonliness   Like the cry of a newborn And the … Continue reading Love Is Life

Your diary   Your diary is waiting with pages unwritten, and will not tire if you don’t Your diary has been kept unruffled since I found it yours truly. Write your thoughts, my love, let them be written in gold, and bold. Sing your story, let it be sung against the tides. Sing it upon the … Continue reading Your diary

Harmattan, fires and passions

The season is approaching, I see bells jiggling... Shola ‘Debo. A masters undergraduate, just about done with first degree studies in petroleum engineering, and studying hard to emerge top of his clan, has had a long day studying this particular topic and doesn’t seem to be getting a head way.  Shola picks his smart phone, takes a … Continue reading Harmattan, fires and passions

Sing of My Love

What more encounter do you seek Do you not see the stars testify of me They long to scream of my greatness But I seal their mouths for the sake of your quiet nights They long to descend and cause a hollow in your earth To sacrifice their heights for the depth of your dearth … Continue reading Sing of My Love