Pete and his bride

Pete thought life was better, Better on the other side So he dragged her up so far, Far west a million miles Weary from the ragged journey, One day his soul gave way Under a stranger's watch, but hers, but hers did stay Many nights passed And out in the wild, She fell again but [...]


Beautiful deception

One moment we see through But in the next, we're blinded Your transparency, deceptive Surreal and gray The in-between syndrome Neither black nor white Neither here nor there A world of its own, Belonging nowhere. We might be behind the veil... A place of beautiful deception. ©tejusmoul

Living dead

Night can't get darker Than the shadow your farewell cast And your fire replaced by smoke. I tried to get a hold, Then sought a darkness stronger To train to be at ease In a world void of your light. These eyes you once told to see Sun, moon, trees, And only beautiful things Now [...]

Whirl wind in transit

A quiet force, a silent storm Meek, not weak The evening breeze. Wild fire smouldering Whirlwind in transit I'm the whispering sea The beckoning beach. Tidal waves clasping the air; Surfer's light blown by delight Flicks of flare, then the fury of fear Passions flee and eyes take flight... Yet I'm the evening breeze, The [...]

Love Is Life   Give some light when the path is dark Lend a hand when the work is hard Love is life, full of spice Beautiful Like a drop of honey and milk In an old grandma's cup of tea Little Kindness cures an old man's lonliness   Like the cry of a newborn And the [...]

Sing of My Love

What more encounter do you seek Do you not see the stars testify of me They long to scream of my greatness But I seal their mouths for the sake of your quiet nights They long to descend and cause a hollow in your earth To sacrifice their heights for the depth of your dearth [...]